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Spring Concert - Toronto, Canada

Walter Lukic
April 4, 2022
A spring concert was held at the SDARM Church in Toronto, Canada. Musicians and singers performed in a two-part program.

Toronto, Canada—On Sunday evening, March 27, a spring concert was held at the SDARM Church in Toronto, Canada. The Youth Orchestra and Choir made that evening a memorable event, not only for the members of our church but also for the 25-30 guests, many of whom visited us for the first time.


The aim of the Spring Concert was to uplift the thoughts and feelings of the audience, and to transport them from the gloom of worldwide pestilence and a war-torn world to the realm of divine joy and peace. With grateful hearts, we testify that this lofty goal was attained, even beyond our expectations.


The concert was divided in two parts for a total of two hours plus a ten-minute intermission. During the first part were presented compositions from both religious and classical music repertoires. The children's choir, a soloist, group vocalists, instrumental soloists, a string quartet, and the brass quintet each performed.


During the second part, the Youth Orchestra performed a beautiful selection of church hymn favorites, followed by presentations by the full choir and orchestra. The choir’s voices, blended with the sound of the orchestra, gave a mighty expression to the lyrics dedicated to the power of the cross and the great love of our heavenly Father as revealed in the suffering of His Son, the Lamb of God.


We thank God for the dedicated work of the instrumentalists and vocalists from Toronto and Puslinch. Special thanks to the Sisters Bianca and Marta Sirbu, for preparing and conducting the orchestra, and to Sister Kaitlin Hanuska for conducting the choir.


Refreshments were served after the concert, which afforded us an opportunity to meet and connect with our visitors. We thank God for this opportunity to outreach and minister to our community.


The next concert is scheduled for December, God willing.


You can watch the Toronto Spring Concert via SDARM Canada on YouTube.


PC: Jaromir Hanuska/Marie Irene Villalobos/Jasmina Hanuska/Julia Burca/Biljana Zic/Magda Sirbu