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Health Seminar - Zuurbekom, South Africa

Nkosana Sibanda
March 16, 2022
South Africa
A health Seminar was held on March 13, 2022, as part of an ongoing missionary project in Zuurbekom.

Zuurbekom, South Africa—A health seminar, entitled "the Healing Power of Plants", was held at Zuurbekom on Sunday, March 13. During the seminar, attendees learned about common plants and their medicinal properties. There were twenty-seven people in attendance.


Zuurbekom is an agricultural area with many farming plots. A sparsely populated area, the homes are far apart because of the set-up of the plots. Our church property located in this region, with the aim of serving and engaging the local community.


The work has begun through medical missionary labors. The brethren have formed a missionary group called "the Zuurbekom Missionary Project". This group does not consist only of those who fellowship at Zuurbekom, but everyone who is willing to join as a missionary worker is welcome. It is a self-supporting missionary project.


The aim for this year is to have a health seminar once every quarter, with plans to run a clinic once on the last Sunday of every month, where people from the community and other areas around Johannesburg will be offered free consultations. We are praying that this part-time clinic will eventually develop into a permanent clinic, in the near future.


Once a month, a Sabbath afternoon will be dedicated to the distribution of literature in the neighborhood, using tracts we will compile with health information and our Bible beliefs.


Please keep the Zuurbekom Missionary Project in your prayers, that the Lord may prosper His work in this region and that the brethren may be encouraged in their work in the community.