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War-Refugee Relief Fund

André Devai
March 1, 2022
As a family of faith, we feel the pain of our brothers and sisters, and we also want to help financially.

São Paulo, March 1, 2022


"And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars..." Matthew 24:6


Dear Brethren all around the world, in recent days we have witnessed the sad event of the war in Eurasia. As a world church, we are praying for the two countries involved. We are also praying for our members in that region and are asking you to please intensify your prayers by pleading for divine intervention.


Thanks to the protective care of our Heavenly Father, none of our brethren have

been injured thus far.


Our members are retreating to the western region of Ukraine, which is farther away from the war front, and our brethren there are receiving them with open arms. The brethren from neighboring countries are also preparing to assist as needed. 


Everything has become increasingly difficult—buying food, withdrawing money, traveling, etc. Right now, as I write this letter, the brethren who are taking in those who are fleeing still have food for themselves and our war refugees in the family of faith.


However, we do not know how long this crisis will last, but what we know for sure is that the coming days will be very difficult. As a family of faith, we feel the pain of our brothers and sisters, and we also want to help financially.


The General Conference has already made resources available for emergency care, but we need more. Please donate generously and help us provide food, water, shelter, medicine, and basic necessities that our brethren will surely need!


Donations may be made through:

1 – Donations through PayPal:

2 – Donations through Zelle: 5406765776

3 - USA deposit:

Wells Fargo Routing #051400549 Account #2134849260

Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement.

4 - Wire Transfers from outside the USA:

Bank’s Name: TRUIST

ABA (Routing #) 051404260 SWIFT CODE: BRBTUS33

Address: 1401 Hershberger Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012

Phone: 540.266.9669

Fax: 540.265.4958

Account Name: SDA Reform Movement GC

Account Number: 5236248331

Address: 5240 Hollins Road, Roanoke, VA 24019 – USA

Phone: 540.362.1800


From the General Conference, your servant,

Andre Marcelo Devai

Director of the Welfare and Stewardship Department


Note: Please, if possible, send the receipt of your offering to the email: