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Summer Baptisms - Germany

Marcelo Ponce
November 10, 2021
Three baptisms were performed in Germany from July to October of 2021.

Germany—We are overjoyed to share the blessings of the summer harvest with our brethren around the world. Three baptisms were performed in Germany from July-October of 2021.


The first took place on July 24, in Karlsruhe. Sister Elisa Parpaillon was baptized and welcomed to the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Church by her grandfather and local pastor, Brother Hans Woywod. 


On September 4, three souls were baptized in Mörfelden-Walldorf by Brother Marcelo Ponce, the local pastor. 


Then, on October 17, three souls were baptized in Essen, by Brother Hans Woywod.


We praise the Lord for His continued mercy and guidance of the work in Germany. Let us remember to pray for our new brethren around the world, that the Lord may strengthen their faith as they journey with Him.