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The "BLESSED" Colporteur Team

Mario Linares
June 23, 2021
Throughout 2021, a colporteur team has worked with blessed success in their region by implementing a gifting strategy.

Throughout 2021, a team of dedicated colporteurs has worked diligently in the region of Paraná and Santa Catarina, Brazil. In addition to the leaflets and magazines they distribute, the "BLESSED" colporteur team has implemented a new method of distributing literature. With each health book sold, they include a Study Bible and a Great Controversy or Steps to Christ as a gift, sometimes accompanied by other gifts like fruit and other sweets. So far, they have been assisting and studying with several interested souls that were reached in this manner. 


Through their work, the colporteurs obtain a livelihood from their sales and also spread a Christ-centric message. By the grace of God, despite the pandemic, they are all succeeding.


“Those who at this time take up the canvassing work with earnestness and consecration will be greatly blessed. You have no time to lose. Give yourselves willingly and unselfishly to the doing of this work. Remember that it is evangelistic in its nature, and that it helps to give a warning which is greatly needed." CM 14.3


We ask that you kindly keep the "BLESSED" colporteur team in our prayers, that the Lord may keep them safe and prosper their work in His vineyard.