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The Cross Before the Crown, Spiritual Conference - Tennessee, USA

E. Moreno
June 22, 2021
United States
On May 27, 2021, the annual Tennessee-Kentucky campmeeting was once again held in person. The theme was “The Cross Before the Crown”.

On May 27, 2021, by God’s grace we were able to attend the annual Tennessee-Kentucky campmeeting in person. The 2020 campmeeting took place online, so it was a double blessing to attend in person this year, as we missed seeing one another. We had a wonderful group of 150 guests present. The theme of the campmeeting was “The Cross Before the Crown”, and we covered several topics concerning the crosses we must carry in our daily life, paralleling this to the many sacrifices that Christ made for us.


Our campmeeting began on Thursday night when Brother Nehemiah Chang shared "The Servant is Not Better Than His Master". He explained how the things that Christ suffered were because of His love for us, and how He is an example for us all when we have to face trials in our life.


On Friday morning, Brother Ciprian Gugu spoke about “Shunning the Cross”. He explained how the rich young ruler was attracted to Jesus, yet he couldn’t bring himself to sell everything he had, take up his cross and follow Christ. Following his topic, Brother Les Bauer spoke about "The Blessings of Immediately Taking Up the Cross". One powerful statement he quoted was “Those who lift the cross will find that as they do this the cross will lift them."


To begin the Sabbath, Brother Jeff Wiktorowski spoke about "Practical Cross-Bearing". He explained that bearing a cross doesn't mean wearing it around our neck as an ornament, rather a choice we must make whether to make sacrifices in our lives or pass by the cross and ignore it. Brother Eduardo followed with a beautiful and solemn message, "The Joy That Was Set Before Him". He left everyone with a soul-searching question, “Are you ashamed of the cross of being a Christian?” 


On Sunday morning, Brother Septimiu Muresan concluded the campmeeting with the sermon "What If We Are Called to Bear the Ultimate Cross?”. He spoke about the martyrs who were put to death for their faith and invited us to consider whether we are willing to die for what we believe.


Those present also had the privilege of witnessing the baptism of Brother Gabriel Vasco on Sunday morning. 


We thank the Lord for the opportunity to meet together once again for our campmeeting and invite you to attend next year!