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National Youth Convention, Romania

Adrian Barnea
April 12, 2021
A National Youth Convention took place in Romania from March 25-28, 2021.

A National Youth Convention took place in Romania from March 25-28, 2021. This year, the event took place online under the theme “I Fell in Love”, and the theme text “Many waters cannot quench love…” Song of Songs 8:7.


With the Lord’s help, this event provided space for important discussions with our teenagers, young people, and newlyweds. The speakers at the event were Pastors Radu Ioniță, David Mureșan, and Brother Arcadii Mangul from the Republic of Moldova, who participated via Zoom.


On Thursday evening, we spoke about adolescence, the period when major changes occur physically and mentally. It’s a time of first loves and big dreams. Is everything according to God’s will? How do parents react when their children go through these experiences? Guided by God’s Word, speakers had a chance to answer questions presented by the participants.


On Friday night we talked about friendship and its role in our growth, as well as the importance of having someone God-fearing, trustworthy, and experienced for advice.


Sabbath School was led by a team of young people who lead a discussion on the life of King David. During the Divine Service, Brother Radu Ioniță challenged us with a direct question "Do You Really Love”? In the afternoon, we had an interactive music program. In the evening, we met again for a special discussion about engagements: how long it should last, what purpose it serves, and other concerns.


On Sunday, we talked about the first years of marriage, the honeymoon, the changes that occur, and the family.


We thank God for this event. It is our desire that He bless the young people, and may He grant us the wisdom to make the right choices for our future.


If you would like to watch the lectures from this event, visit AZS-MR on YouTube.