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Summer Vacation Youth Canvassing, Peru

Mario Linares
March 1, 2021
Notes and experiences from the summer vacation youth canvassing in Peru.

The 2021 Summer Vacation Youth Canvassing was held from January 20 to February 3, in the city of Nueva Cajamarca, Peru, overlooking the mountains of the eastern cordillera of the Andes on one side and the Peruvian jungle on the other.


It was an unforgettable experience for the sixty-four participants, mostly young people and teenagers between the ages of fifteen and twenty, who with joyful disposition, carried out the great task of spreading the Gospel through canvassing.


During the days spent together, timely messages were addressed to the church and especially to the beloved youth. The theme was: "Messengers of the Loud Cry".


A team of missionaries and pastors from the North East Peruvian Field accompanied the eight teams of canvassers. After receiving their instructions, the groups went out to their assigned fields of work every morning and afternoon, bringing back wonderful experiences and hundreds of books sold.


We highlight the collaboration of the brethren from the Nueva Cajamarca church who, in addition to giving up the church and its dependencies for the event, contributed with resources and meal preparations.


Many souls were impressed by our young people’s visit and the literature they shared, by the contacts and prayers offered. But, without a doubt, the greatest impression was etched in the hearts of our own youth.


We praise the Lord that despite the current restrictions, it is still possible to do His work through the canvassing ministry.