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Georgia Camp Meeting, SEUSF

Nehemiah Chang
January 25, 2021
United States
The SEUSF's annual camp meeting was held online this year, which afforded surprise blessings!

Every year, the brethren of the SEUSF gather for a Camp Meeting in Georgia. It is normally a wonderful time spent in fellowship with the brethren and in nature. This year, however, the event was transformed into an online conference, which was held from December 24-27, 2020.


This year’s theme was "Prepare to Meet Thy God". The speakers focused on the messages of the First, Second, Third, and Fourth angels. Each message served as a reminder and call to prepare ourselves for the Lord’s soon coming.


“…prepare to meet thy God, O Israel,” Amos 4:12.


While we missed the ability to fellowship in person, one blessing of hosting the event via YouTube and Zoom was the ability to host international visitors. Brethren and visitors from different places joined this meeting and received rich blessings. Joining our brethren from the Southeast US Field were guests from Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Romania, and the United Kingdom.


Another blessing was that several churches had the opportunity to live stream our Sabbath School with their congregation and join with us.


The last meeting was "Testimonies and Thanksgiving". It was held via Zoom where each participant had the opportunity to share and hear about how the Lord blessed us during this meeting. The Camp Meeting concluded with the hymn "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and a blessing.


We hope to have the opportunity to host our in-person events again soon. In the meantime, let us prepare ourselves to be ready for when our Savior returns.