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Baptism in the Campinas Region, Brazil

Emilio Devai
December 29, 2020
A baptism of four souls took place in the Campinas Region last month.

Praise the Lord! On November 29, 2020, four souls dedicated their lives to God, and a fifth brother renewed his vow with the Lord. Brother Mário Linares, current GC Missionary and Canvassing Department Director, performed the sermon and baptism.


Brother Valnei dos Santos Sousa, elder of the church in Campinas, conducted the profession of faith, and Brother Waldomero Luz, district pastor of Campinas and region, led the fellowshipment of the new members.


Among the baptized souls was Sister Emiliana and her two children, Moisés and Emily, and Sister Benedita, who lives in the Good Samaritan Retirement Home in Louveira, in addition to Brother Paulo.


The presence of the brethren from various neighboring churches brightened the spiritual feast.