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Baptism in the Ribeira Valley, Brazil

Raquel Freitas
December 21, 2020
A baptism of nine souls was held in the Ribeira Valley, Brazil, in November.

Ribeira Valley, Brazil—November 28, 2020,was a day of rejoicing for the São Paulo Field in the South Brazilian Union. That afternoon, nine souls publicly committed their lives to the Lord and joined the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement through baptism. The event was held in Pariquera-Açú , São Paulo, in the Ribeira Valley.


The baptism was officiated by Brethren Olmício Freitas, Cícero Almeida, and Erivaldo Domingos. We praise the Lord for the work He has done and will continue performing in the lives of each precious soul. Let us keep them in our prayers.