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Humanitarian Mission - Pirapozinho, Brazil

April 7, 2020
A humanitarian mission was held in the town of Pirapozinho in the interior of São Paulo state in the beginning of March.

Pirapozinho, Brazil—The humanitarian mission held in the town of Pirapozinho in the interior of São Paulo state began on March 15 with the participation of several brethren from the greater São Paulo region.


Pirapozinho is a small town with a population of nearly 28,000. Members living in the town have frequented churches in neighbouring cities for the past several years. However, as a result of a recent missionary training project, two missionaries have been sent to develop the work in the town. To start the work, Pirapozinho was also selected as the site of a humanitarian mission held this March.


Brethren of diverse professions devoted their time and talents to serving those who need it most. Before the event began, thousands of pamphlets were distributed in the town to announce the mission. The free services offered included massage therapy, iridology, naturopathy, haircuts, nursing and dental services, psychology, legal aid, artisanry, welfare assistance, clothing donation, and activities for children.


Bible studies and home visits were also offered, and the missionaries who remained in the town will conduct follow-ups with those who attended the humanitarian mission. This was the first such mission to be held in Western São Paulo, and the brethren in the region who had never participated in such event are excited to participate in future ones.


May the Lord bless every soul who participated in the mission, from the youth who volunteered their time and talents to the families who came into contact with the church for the first time. May the seeds planted at this event transform into an abundant harvest.