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Teaching Introduction to the Bible in France

D. Campodonico
March 22, 2020
After much planning, the French Field’s Missionary Training Project has finally begun.

Savigny Sur-Orge, France—After much planning, the French Field’s Missionary Training Project has finally begun. On Sunday evening, December 22, 2019, Brother M. Goncalves and Brother C. Barros opened the activities of the SDARM Missionary Training Project in Savigny Sur-Orge, just outside of Paris. After the inaugural meetings, Brother D. Campodonico delivered the first presentation of the “Introduction to the Bible” course. Along with the presence of students and guests in Savigny Sur-Orge, the presentation was also livestreamed, permitting several students to follow along online.


Lessons at the training project were held every evening, except on Sundays. The last activity was on Sabbath afternoon, January 4, 2020, when some students shared with those present their experience in outreach and Bible analysis.


The topics covered by the “Introduction To The Bible” course were: Names of the Bible, Revelation, Inspiration of the Bible, Bible Subdivisions, Literary Genres of the Bible, Bible Writers, Bible Languages, Writing and Materials, Formation of the Canon, Bible Manuscripts, Ancient Translations of the Bible, Introduction to Each Book of the Bible, Why Read and Study The Bible, Requirements for Reading the Bible, How to Read the Bible, Jesus and the Bible, Jesus Christ Throughout the Bible, the  Bible the Book of Truth, the Geography of the Bible, Practical Activities.


Both Sabbaths were spent at Savigny Sur-Orge. The meetings were well attended and the small meeting place was full of people.


The missionary training project will cover all the courses included in a traditional missionary school training but in short intensive stages. The “Introduction to the Bible” course was the first subject presented, and the second subject will be underway still this year. Over the course of two-three years the entire project will be completed and students will receive the same training as those who attend a traditional missionary school elsewhere.


May the Lord bless all those involved in training for service in His cause.