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Humanitarian Mission - Sergipe, Brazil

March 1, 2020
A humanitarian mission was held in Aquidabã in the northern state of Sergipe, Brazil, from January 26-28, 2020.

Aquidabã, Brazil—A humanitarian mission, organized by the Brazilian Unions' Welfare Departments, was held in Aquidabã, a town of 20,000 inhabitants in the northern state of Sergipe, Brazil, from January 26-28, 2020.


Approximately 100 volunteers, among them young people from around the country, doctors, nurses, dentists, opticians, complementary medicine professionals, lawyers, psychologists, hairdressers, and artisans, traveled for days by bus to participate in the mission.


A school was converted into a temporary clinic, with a waiting room where people lined up to register and wait their turn. The services offered were: medical care, nursing, nutrition and esthetician services, naturopathy, dentistry, psychology, massage therapy, auriculotherapy, cupping therapy, legal advice, hairdressing, arts and crafts, clothing donations, family counseling, children’s activities, home visits, literature, Bible studies, meals.


During the three days the clinic was open, over 1,300 individuals were seen, and over 3,800 services performed (the same individual could enjoy more than one service), including 23 Bible studies, 549 pieces of literature distributed, and 445 visits performed.


We thank the Lord for His traveling mercies and the opportunity to hold such a mission. May He bless the work that will be continued in Aquidabã, so that the seeds that were planted may bring forth fruit for His glory. We also praise the Lord for the way the mission trip positively impacted the youth who participated. May they continue seeking to employ their talents in the work of the Father.