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Baptism in Chennai, India

Alwin Vedhasingh
October 24, 2019
On October 12, 2019, two souls were baptized in Chennai, India.

Chennai, India—On October 12, 2019, two souls were baptized in Chennai, India. Brother Daniel was invited by Brother Alwin Vedhasingh, GC Regional Secretary for Asia and local pastor in Chennai, to visit from the church in Bangalore (350km from Chennai) to perform the baptism.


However, when the brother arrived to perform the baptism, all the natural lakes nearby were dry as there has been no rain. The Lord helped us find a way, and we obtained permission from a church nearby to use their baptismal font. After completing the formalities in our own place of worship, the baptism was performed.


We praise the Lord and welcome these two souls into the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement family.


As we keep our new brethren in our prayers, let us also remember to join them in the mission of every member: to lead souls to Christ.


“The Lord's servants are to feel a noble, generous sympathy for every line of work carried on in the great harvest field. We are to be interested in everything that concerns the human brotherhood. By our baptismal vows we are bound in covenant relation with God to make persevering, self-denying, self-sacrificing efforts to promote, in the hardest parts of the field, the work of soul saving.” –The Gospel Herald, June 1, 1908