GC Delegation Session 2019—Bulletin Day Four

Temporary Bulletin Committee
September 7, 2019
A summary of the fourth day's activities during the 23rd GC Delegation Session being held in Itu, Brazil.

September 7, 2019—Itú, Brazil


Early this morning, Brother Samuel Andres, from the Philippines, shared an inspiring message, “Spiritual Power,” pointing us to the source of spiritual life.  Afterwards, spiritually recharged, we partook of breakfast before the delegates divided for the Sabbath days' activities. Two groups left on coaches for churches in town, while the rest of us remained at the Session's venue for the Sabbath.


Brother Paul Chapman, the outgoing General Conference Sabbath School Department Director, led out in our Sabbath School program. He reminded us of the one key object and purpose of our Sabbath schools—evangelism—“the ingathering of souls” (Counsels on Sabbath Work, p. 61).  All that is presented during the Sabbath school hour, whether by leaders or teachers, must be to this end. Our Sabbath schools are to be the most effective agencies of the church in winning souls for Christ. 


Brother Eduardo Moreno reviewed the previous week’s lesson, “The Church and Its Youth.” This lesson was a timely reminder of the necessity to make the training of our children and youth our first priority. The love that Jesus always showed for children is a powerful example for us of the love and care we need to have for these precious lambs of the flock. This led nicely into the lesson of the day, “The Work of the Missionary School.” Brother Nathan Tyler, director of our missionary school in the Australasian Union Conference, conducted the day’s lesson. Here we learned of the need to provide an all-round education for our youth, especially our missionaries. An education that develops the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our children must be our focus. Our missionary schools should be sending forth men and women who are well trained in the practical arts as well as Bible knowledge—graduates who can become self-supporting missionaries. Especially emphasized was the need to connect the medical missionary work with the gospel. Our schools should send out not just missionaries, but medical missionary evangelists—the gospel of health to be combined with the preaching of the gospel. 


The 11 o'clock worship message was presented by Brother Peter Lausevic, Chairman of the Delegation Session.  It was a most solemn message delivered about the significance of what it really means to "strive to be among the 144,000." It is nothing more and nothing less than to strive to be near Jesus every moment of our life. To purify ourselves even as He is pure, will be the focus of all who are preparing for His soon coming.


For the afternoon meeting, our outgoing Youth Department Director, Brother Radu Ionita, led out in a praise and testimony meeting. It was encouraging to hear brethren from around the world share their experiences in God’s work, while others blessed us with the musical items in praise to God. 


As the daylight hours waned, we gathered once more to close the Sabbath day, thus welcoming the new week. Brother Adrian Finaru also shared an inspiring message entitled, “Purpose Driven Youth.” We need to provide opportunities as much as possible to enable our youth to be engaged in missionary work.



All the meetings were livestreamed and are available on our official church Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/sdarm.gc/videos/?ref=page_internal