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GC Delegation Session 2019—Bulletin Day Two

Temporary Bulletin Committee
September 5, 2019
A summary of the second day's activities during the 23rd GC Delegation Session being held in Itu, Brazil.

GC Delegation Session 2019—Bulletin Day Two - Itu, Brazil


The second day of the GC Delegation Session started on September 5 with the morning meditation presented by Brother A. Vedhasingh on the topic of self-denial. He emphasized that self is our greatest enemy and that we need to crucify self and accept God’s will for us. 


Brother P. Lausevic, the Temporary Chairman of the session, gave a short message before starting the business of the day. His message focused on the First Angel’s Message. He highlighted the importance of the first message and its correct understanding.


After receiving these encouraging messages, the session began with the work of the day. 


The following committees were elected: 


  1. Temporary Doctrinal Committee
  2. Temporary Finance Committee
  3. Temporary Bylaws Committee
  4. Temporary Medical Committee
  5. Temporary Plans Committee
  6. Temporary Bulletin Committee


These committees worked most of the afternoon. 


The day closed with the evening worship presented by Brother R. Gessner on the topic “Wait Upon the Lord for Strength!” Often when we are tired and exhausted from the toil of everyday life, we seek refreshment in a holiday or some other activity, but very seldom do we find pleasure and strength in the study of the Bible. Brother Gessner's message accentuated that we should do so more often.