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Orphanage - Kenya

Andre Devai
July 23, 2019
Updates on the orphanage building in Kenya, as well as the sponsorship program for the children. With monthly donations, often the price of a treat we would give ourselves, you can sponsor a child and change their lives forever!

Malacare, Kisii, Kenya—From May 19-July 10, a team of volunteers, under the direction of GC Welfare Department Director, Brother Andre Devai, traveled from South America to Kenya. Their work in Kenya was to help in and oversee the building of a new orphanage to house and school the 100 orphans that currently live there. Though the team left on July 10, three volunteers remained in Malacare to continue the building project.


Volunteers also took medicine equipment to offer basic health assistance to the children. With the funds given by generous donors, the brethren also bought shoes, clothes, and made sure basic needs were met. Then, every child was added to a registry. This registry exists to match orphans with sponsors who will help cover their monthly expenses (US$25). Monthly expenses include school books, food, and other basic needs. Just US$25 a month guarantees complete care and cover all expenses for a child.


Interested in becoming a sponsor? Set up your monthly sponsorship through PayPal below or visit the Abundant Life website by clicking here to access the registry and begin sponsoring a student today.


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