Medical Missionary Work - Kenya

Evans Omogo
June 9, 2019
The health message is opening doors in Kenya.

The health message is opening doors in Kenya where local medical missionaries are teaching the Health Reform message and treating patients in the villages.


As a result, many who have never been exposed to the Gospel message are hearing the good news. Some have accepted the full Reform message and a new church group is forming in the region.


Let us keep our medical missionaries in our prayers.


"How shall the Lord’s work be done? How can we gain access to souls buried in midnight darkness? Prejudice must be met; corrupt religion is hard to deal with. The very best ways and means of work must be prayerfully considered. There is a way in which many doors will be opened to the missionary. Let him become intelligent in the case [care] of the sick, as a nurse, or learn how to treat disease, as a physician; and if he is imbued with the spirit of Christ, what a field of usefulness is opened before him!" The Medical Missionary, January 1, 1891.