Restoration Series

Media Studio Brazil
March 12, 2019
The Restoration Series is a six-part video study on the differences between the Reform Movement and the main SDA church. It will begin on March 13.

Itu, Brazil—Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the Reform Movement and the main SDA? Where did the Reform Movement come from? Why? 


Maybe you already know the history but would like to better understand the differences and how to answer questions like: Why a new movement? Why not reform from within? What are the main differences? 


A short video study, the Restoration Series, is here to help you as you study this topic for yourself. Brother David Zic will be presenting each of the six videos: Old Paths, Communion, The Sabbath, The Family, Politics, and War.


Videos will be released on the SDARM Facebook page and on the studio's YouTube channel. A total of six videos will be released once a week beginning on March 13. Those interested can like the page, subscribe to the channel on YouTube and/or sign up to receive notifications once the videos have been released on Facebook by clicking here and selecting "Get Reminder". 


We pray this series of studies will be a blessing to you.