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International Youth Convention in France

Cicero Barros
August 16, 2016
On July 25 - 31, the French Field (made up of France, Switzerland, and Belgium) was happy to welcome our brethren to the 1st International Youth Convention in France.

The French Field (made up of France, Switzerland, and Belgium) was happy to welcome visitors and brethren to the 1st International Youth Convention in France held on July 25 - 31, 2016 in Chapelle D'Abondance. People from around the world and residing in 14 different countries spanning Europe and North and South America made their way to France for this special event. On the last day of our International Youth Convention, we had a total of 155 participants.


Our days together were spent in spiritual meetings by morning, nighttime worships, and many activities in the afternoons. 


The themes addressed in the spiritual conferences were linked to the youth's interests and needs, specifically now in these challenging days. From the first day, we heard timely messages presented by our Pastors Radu Ionita and Adrian Finaru, and Brother Isaac Terceros who brought us messages on music. We were also blessed by the Youth Choir, which had a special presentation on Sabbath and brought us great joy through their praise. 


Along with all the recreational activities, we had the opportunity to witness the beauty of the French and Swiss Alps during an outing to those unforgettable mountains where we gathered to enjoy the natural environment and the fellowship of our brethren.


On Sabbath, our Sabbath School was divided by the sound of many languages and united by the faith that keeps us as one peculiar people. The Divine Service was led by Pastor Radu Ionita who spoke on the theme of our Youth Convention: Focus on Eternity. The last message was given by Pastor Adrian Finaru with the title: "A Decisive Question". At the end of the meetings an appeal was made, and we ask you to help us pray for the young people who on that day decided to give their hearts to the Lord.


During the youth convention, we were also blessed with a riverside baptism of two precious souls that surrendered their lives to our Lord Jesus and gave a public testimony of their faith. 


We want to glorify the wonderful name of the Lord for everything that He did for us, and we hope you can make it for our next youth convention. Until then, let us continue our journey without losing our Focus on Eternity.