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Youth Messenger Online Edition

Departing Clouds
Jonathan Spence

When clouds arise and hide from view

The golden sun and heavenly blue,

Above the gloom the sunlight streams.

In wondrous ray, in radiant hue,

There beauty sheds her lovely beams,

And cheerfulness unmeasured teems;

There gladness doth its work pursue,

And grandeur as the morning gleams.

Ah! Soon the clouds shall pass away,

And brightness from the realm of day

Light up the gloom and gild the scene.

Departing clouds in glad display

Strew sparkling gems upon the green;

They leave a rainbow bright, serene;

The sky glows lovely o’er the way,

And soon no cloud shall intervene.

So thus in life; when clouds appear,

When trials come with test severe,

By faith we may behold the prize,

And bring its beaming glories near.

The clouds soon break; before our eyes

The stately hills of Canaan rise

In sacred calm, in heavenly clear

And everlasting sunlit skies.