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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Symbols From the Sanctuary Service - Treasures of Truth, Part 3

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Most of us are visual learners. When we see a pattern or chart of something, it is usually easier to grasp and remember the concept of it. God knew this when He provided the sanctuary service to our ancient forefathers. The service and its symbols help us understand the solemn work which Christ, our great High Priest, is performing on our behalf in heaven at this very moment.

Therefore, for the next 3 months, Sabbath school students worldwide will study the vital topic, Symbols From the Sanctuary Service. This is the third part of a year-long series entitled Treasures of Truth, to equip us in preparing for eternity.

“The condition of the unbelieving Jews illustrates the condition of the careless and unbelieving among professed Christians, who are willingly ignorant of the work of our merciful High Priest. In the typical service, when the high priest entered the most holy place, all Israel were required to gather about the sanctuary and in the most solemn manner humble their souls before God, that they might receive the pardon of their sins and not be cut off from the congregation. How much more essential in this antitypical Day of Atonement that we understand the work of our High Priest and know what duties are required of us.”—Christ in His Sanctuary, p. 161.

“Could the veil which separates the visible from the invisible world be swept back, and the children of men behold an angel recording every word and deed, which they must meet again in the judgment, how many words that are daily uttered would remain unspoken, how many deeds would remain undone. . . .

“Sad is the record which angels bear to heaven. Intelligent beings, professed followers of Christ, are absorbed in the acquirement of worldly possessions or the enjoyment of earthly pleasures. Money, time, and strength are sacrificed for display and self-indulgence; but few are the moments devoted to prayer, to the searching of the Scriptures, to humiliation of soul and confession of sin.

“Satan invents unnumbered schemes to occupy our minds, that they may not dwell upon the very work with which we ought to be best acquainted. The archdeceiver hates the great truths that bring to view an atoning sacrifice and an all-powerful mediator. He knows that with him everything depends on his diverting minds from Jesus and His truth.”—The Great Controversy, pp. 487, 488.

“Every day renewed efforts in restraining and denying self are needed. Every day there are new battles to fight and victories to be gained. Every day the soul should be called out in earnest pleading with God for the mighty victories of the cross.”—Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 429.

It is our prayer that we all may be strengthened by this quarter’s Sabbath Bible Lessons, gazing with the eye of faith to our High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary!

The General Conference Sabbath School Department

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