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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Brighter Beams of Light - Treasures of Truth (II)

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  Sabbath, June 3, 2023

First Sabbath Offering for Headquarters and a Chapel in Hosanna, Ethiopia

Ethiopia, a country known for its ancient civilization, is bordered by South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia. Among the population of nearly 120 million, the people of Ethiopia profess a number of faiths—mostly Abrahamic—with Ethiopian Orthodox, P’ent’ay (Evangelical Protestant), and Roman Catholic believers comprising 67.3% of the people, followed by Islam at 31.3%. There is also a small Jewish community, plus some members of the Bahá’í faith.

The SDARM message came to Ethiopia around 20 years ago when some brethren and sisters, touched by the Holy Spirit, started to read and pray concerning the present truth. Soon afterwards, the SDARM brethren visited us and we were organized as a mission.

Hosanna (also known as Hosaena) is a large city 139 miles (225 km.) from Addis Ababa, the nation’s capital. Hosanna is where we plan to build the headquarters for the Ethiopian Northern Union Mission.

This Union mission was established in 2020, when the Ethiopian Union Mission became three separate Union missions in the south—an area with around 40 million souls. We have limited resources, but our work is expanding. Currently the Ethiopian Northern Union Mission has more than 26 local churches. It covers the vast region from the city of Hosanna up to the Kenyan border.

We have church members in Hosanna—and for more than 20 years, they have not had a house of worship. But now we praise the Lord because we trust and believe that our church members around the world are going to change this history and help us build a chapel and headquarters here to serve as the center for our Union.

From this location, our aim is to promote the everlasting gospel not only in Hosanna but also the neighboring cities up to the border of Kenya. This monument to the Lord is to be a shining light for this entire area—and we need your help. Thus, we heartily appeal to all our brethren, sisters, and youth worldwide to donate generously to this project, “being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God” (2 Corinthians 9:11). For your generous help we would like to express our deepest thanks and warm regards.

Your brethren from Ethiopian Northern Union Mission, Hosanna

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