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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Treasures of Truth (I) — Reasoning With Our Creator

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  Sabbath, January 7, 2023

First Sabbath Offering for an Educational and Health Center in Adygea, North Caucasus, Russia

The territory of Russia is 17,125,191 square kilometers (6,612,073 square miles) with a population of approximately 146,780,000 people, of which 111 million are Russians. Among the remaining 35 million are representatives of more than 180 nationalities. The main religion is Orthodox (42%), the next is Islam (30%). Other religions include Catholicism (3%), Old Believers (a branch of Eastern Orthodox Christians) and Protestantism (2%), Buddhism, Judaism and Greek Catholicism (1%).

Since 1925, the Reform message has been proclaimed here in very difficult circumstances. Many brethren were imprisoned for the Word of God. Some sacrificed their lives for the sake of the truth. In the 1990’s our church had opportunity to preach freely and they actively used this opportunity. In June 2018, the Russian Union was organized. During the last few years, our opportunities for open preaching have become very limited, so we have been looking for a piece of land out in nature to hold camp meetings and for the wellness missionary work. The Lord has allowed us to buy about 5 hectares on a hillside in the Caucasus mountains with views of the amazing mountain landscapes. As it’s very difficult to find water in the mountain region, the price of the plot of land was rather low. But the Lord took care of this and helped us to find a spring of water on the plot not only for drinking, but for a pond also. We are thankful to Him for this great blessing of His Providence! In the summer of 2019, we had the first camp meeting on this land, although we could build only summer structures for the meetings, a dining hall, and a small, two-room house. A doctor was invited to hold a wellness seminar there. In accordance with the light from the Spirit of Prophecy and taking into account our circumstances, we see great potential for medical missionary work if the appropriate premises for this purpose would be built.

We believe that by the mercy of God and with assistance of the brethren from the whole world, the Lord will help us accomplish this project that is impossible for our local brethren to pay by themselves. May the Lord bless everyone who wants to support this project with prayers and finances.

Your brothers and sisters from the Russian Union

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