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Lessons on the Holy Spirit

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  Sabbath, October 6, 2018

First Sabbath Offering for Schofields Church Project, NSW, Australia

Dear Sabbath School Members around the world:

Sydney is the largest city and financial capital of Australia. The influence of Australia in the Asia Pacific region has been steadily growing in the last few years, and completing the center for the church and Union in this area is extremely necessary to expedite the influence from a spiritual perspective.

In the late 1990’s we moved both the Union headquarters as well as the church to the western part of Sydney to the suburb of Schofields. Due to the high cost of building, we were able to complete the Australasian Union Headquarters as well as the dining hall which we have been using as a church. We are now ready for the second stage of our project which will include some Sabbath School rooms as well as the restroom facilities that we so urgently need.

Most of our classes at Elim Missionary College are held at this church and during that time it becomes a greater center for evangelism. The opportunities for evangelistic outreach are constantly growing even after the school’s completion and with more workers, we have great opportunities. “There is a work to do all over the world, and as we near the time of the end, the Lord will impress many minds to engage in this work. If you are able to use your influence in setting in operation the work that needs to be done in Sydney, many souls will be saved who have never yet heard the truth. The cities are to be worked. The saving power of God is to go forth through them as a lamp that burneth.”—Evangelism, p. 425.

Sydney has the 8th highest cost of living in the world and so the financial demands on our membership is very great. The church in Schofields has been very liberal in assisting other parts of the world but now we need your help. We have sufficient funds to begin the project but we really need your help to bring this project to completion. It is our sincere prayer that the Lord will bless you for your generosity in furthering His work in this region.

The brethren and sisters from Schofield Church

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