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  Sabbath, April 7, 2018

First Sabbath Offering for a sanitarium in Venezuela

Venezuela, officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a federal republic located on the northern coast of South America. The country has over 31 million inhabitants, of which 71% are Catholic and 17% Protestant. Venezuela has experienced economic turmoil and food shortages in recent years. We believe the following counsels are especially applicable to the Lord’s work in Venezuela at this time:

“God has qualified His people to enlighten the world. He has entrusted them with faculties by which they are to extend His work until it shall encircle the globe. In all parts of the earth they are to establish sanitariums, schools, publishing houses, and kindred facilities for the accomplishment of His work.

“The closing message of the gospel is to be carried to ‘every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people’ (Revelation 14:6). In foreign countries many enterprises for the advancement of this message must yet be begun and carried forward. . . . Medical missions are to be established to act as God’s helping hand in ministering to the afflicted.”—Counsels on Health, p. 215.

In Venezuela, we have been engaged in the development and establishment of a small sanitarium. This project is moving ahead steadily. Appropriate land has been purchased and engineering drawings have been developed. Many of our believers are excited by this project and have made humble donations, and others have pledged to continue working until the successful completion of the project. The Lord Jesus has moved upon human resources willing to serve where He calls, both in construction and in medical and nursing. But we do not want to move forward without having all the necessary resources needed to finish the work and ensure success as counseled by inspiration.

In view of the urgent need for finances to complete construction, we humbly ask in the love of Jesus Christ, for financial help to build a place to help the sick, the needy, and for the salvation of many souls afflicted by sin. May God be glorified in this work. Thank you for your generous donations.

Your brethren and sisters in Venezuela

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