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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Justification by Faith

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  Sabbath, October 7, 2017

First Sabbath Offering for Restoration of the Headquarters of the Southern South American Union in Argentina

The SDARM Southern South American Union ministers to the countries of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The headquarters is located in Argentina, a nation of nearly 41.5 million people; Paraguay has 6.8 million, and Uruguay 3.4 million—forming a combined total of close to 52 million souls served by this Union.

The Republic of Argentina is the second largest country of South America and eighth largest in the world. The majority of Argentines (76.5%) are Roman Catholic, 11.3% are religiously indifferent, 9% Protestant (mostly in Pentecostal denominations), and less than 2% are of other religions.

The SDARM came to this country in 1927 when our brother Eugenio Laicovschi arrived and had the pleasure of meeting some brothers from Bessarabia who had emigrated before him. With enthusiasm they formed a small group for worship. Their first conference was held in the city of San Nicolás in April 1930, when souls were baptized and the canvassing work was organized with some foreign colporteurs. In 1936, the first chapel was dedicated here.

Many years have since passed and today the structure that serves as the headquarters building in the capital city of Buenos Aires is seriously deteriorating. It urgently needs general restoration and expansion in order to provide a new administrative environment, a conference room for health and cooking classes, and better accommodations for the brothers who visit us. It is indeed appropriate for the work of God in these last days to be properly represented amid a population of this size. The economic conditions here have not been strong for several years, so we are appealing to our brethren around the world to join hands with us in helping to finance this endeavor.

We hope that in reading our request, believers around the world will understand our great and urgent need and graciously respond to the plea. We thank you in advance for your kind generosity.

—Your brethren from the Southern South American Union

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