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The Coming Kingdom

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First Sabbath Offering for the “Bethel Project” in Peru

Peru is a country located in the western part of South America. Its capital is the metropolitan city of Lima. The number of inhabitants in 2015 rose to over 31 million. With reference to South America, Peru ranks fourth in population after Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.

The message of Reformation came to Peru in the year 1930. Today, the Peruvian Union has approximately 3,000 members.

In November of 2012, by the grace of God, 50 acres of land were deeded to us in the province of San Miguel, Cajamarca. The property is situated 29 km from the city of Chepén, 700 km north of Lima. It is 430 meters above sea level and a place characterized by fertile land, abundant vegetation, and mild climate.

The Peruvian Union has planned for a short, medium, and long-range term of activities to take place on this property, under the name the “Bethel Project.” This project will include: a sanitarium, a missionary school, campgrounds for conferences and congresses, a technological institute that may develop into a university, organic farming, and beekeeping.

The Lord’s messenger counsels us that, especially in these last days, our families and our institutions should be located outside the cities in order to preserve physical, moral, and spiritual health. This counsel has been an inspiration to us in the fulfillment of this project.

So far two brothers have been working on the property. They have fenced the property, completed the excavation for a water well, and purchased a pump. They are now making bricks for the buildings, and the work with other heavy machinery continues. At the same time the apiary is being established and fruit trees are being planted.

Though we have been praying for help and raising funds among our local workers, brothers, sisters, and friends, the financial investment required to complete the project is still very large. For this reason we now appeal to our dear brothers and sisters around the world to give heartily to this project.

We thank you in advance for your liberal offering and wish you the richest blessings of heaven.

Your brethren and sisters from Peru

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