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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Hearing the Voice of God

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  SABBATH, JULY 4, 2015

First Sabbath Offering for a church renovation in Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe with almost 10 million inhabitants, most of whom hold to the Catholic religion. The Reform message has existed in our little country since the very first beginnings of the Reform Movement in Europe. Since 1990 we have enjoyed much religious freedom. However, recent government regulations have changed our status from a recognized church to a religious association. This has placed new burdens upon us.

Before 1990 our believers worshipped together in private homes. But after the political restrictions of the communist era were lifted, we made the decision to purchase or build houses for the worship of God. In 1992 we started to build a new church complex at Mogyoród, which is 20 km from Budapest, our capital city. The believers in Hungary were faithful in giving and diligent in work. By the grace of God, in 1995 we were able to hold an International Youth Convention in this facility. A second one was held there in 1997 and a third in 2001. Today, we have an increasing number of visitors to our outreach programs. The facility is also used for our weekly vegan-vegetarian cooking courses. These have been held regularly for more than 10 years and have proved really popular with the public. However, this building, which includes the chapel, after 17 years of use, requires renovation in order to become a more suitable place for reverent worship.

We also have a facility to house our elderly brothers and sisters who are in need. This facility also contains a place of worship, but this building is very old and needs renovating. However, while our brethren and sisters are truly generous in their giving, we do not have enough financial means to perform this work.

Therefore we ask our brethren, sisters, and friends all over the world to give generously as they are able on the first Sabbath of July, 2015. It is our prayer that God will bless you all in your giving for this project in order that we may continue to use our facilities to the glory and honor of God.

We thank you for your great generosity.

Your brothers and sisters from Hungary

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