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  SABBATH, JUNE 6, 2015

First Sabbath Offering for a chapel in Edinet, Moldova

The city of Edinet is located in the northern side of the Republic of Moldova and has about 25,000 inhabitants. Edinet is an important industrial center for this area, being at the crossroads of four different countries. The greatest part of the city is made up of Moldavians (53%), followed by Russians (23%), Ukrainians (20%), and other nationalities (4%). The predominant religion is that of the Eastern Orthodox Church (approximatively 70%), the rest being Protestant denominations.

The Reform Movement entered this place in 1970, when several brethren moved to this location together with their families.

Our believers, being loyal to the principles of the gospel truth, suffered persecution from the atheistic government of the former Soviet Union. Before the abolition of the iron curtain, the believers used to meet illegally in private homes; nonetheless, missionary efforts were fruitful by the grace of God.

Due to the lack of financial means, we could not have a meeting place of our own. Presently, the local church has 15 members. Its majority is made up of young families.

In 2010, from the generous gifts of the believers and with the help of the Field, a parcel of land has been acquired for the building of a church. But our finances are insufficient for the completion of the building. Therefore we appeal to the generosity of all of our brethren, sisters, and friends around the world to sustain us in the achievement of this project. We thank you all in advance and pray that the Lord may bless all the givers.

Your brethren and sisters from Edinet

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