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Surviving in the COVID Era

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Children’s Corner
How can I stay healthy?

This year we’ve all heard a lot about COVID-19. That’s a short name for the corona virus disease which came in the year 2019. The virus that causes this sickness is a tiny germ that spreads very quickly from one person to another. It spread so fast that soon it was called a “pandemic”—a sickness that seemed to be everywhere.

The idea of being careful to not “catch” a disease is not new. We read in the Bible in the book of Leviticus chapters 13–15 about how to deal with leprosy. Leprosy was a very bad disease in those days. It still exists today, but now it is very rare. Part of the reason why there are not many cases of leprosy is because many people read the warnings in the Bible and obeyed them.

The Old Testament says a lot about how to keep things clean. Our God knows that we need to stay clean in order to be healthy, so He tells us these things in His word so we can have a better, happier life.

In the mid-1800’s, God again began to speak clearly about how to not get sick. He knew that people were getting weaker—but needed to be stronger for hard times ahead. He wanted to help us because of His great love for the whole human race. Through the gift of prophecy, He shows that there are eight natural doctors that can help us. Do you know what they are?

Nutrition. By eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and some beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, our bodies can make good, healthy blood to fight disease.

Exercise. By moving our muscles, they become stronger.

Water. By drinking clean water and washing ourselves, our bodies are cleansed both inside and out. Most germs spread in dirty places, so we don’t want that to be in us!

Sunshine. By spending time outdoors in the sunshine, we get a free health boost that helps us fight sickness—and makes us more cheerful, too.

Temperance. By not overdoing anything, we get the blessing we need. Too much of anything can turn out bad.

Air. By breathing deeply of fresh, clean air, our lungs are able to work a lot better and the oxygen we take in helps to keep us well.

Rest. By getting proper rest—going to bed early in a dark room without electronic screens on—we are healthier. During sleep, our bodies do much of their disease-fighting work. Let’s make it easier for our body to do what it needs to do to keep us well.

Trust in God. By looking to Jesus, who loves each one of us so very much, we think about His care for you, for me. That makes us feel better already!

So then, when we hear the scary stories about sickness, we remember there’s One in Heaven who is looking kindly on His children. He says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 3, 4).—BHM.