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Revealing Christ to Others
Barbara Montrose
Revealing Christ to Others

We speak of commandments on tables of stone—

The guideline for life they shall be.

How oft’ the first table is thought of alone;

In frailty, there’s part we don’t see.


We’re judged by Ten Laws—not just one up to four;

The fifth to the tenth we must heed.

To humble our pride that is deep to the core:

Is greatest of all of our need.


To love wayward people for whom the Lamb died

Is theory as broad as the ocean.

Yet bidden we are to stay by His pierc’d side

Regardless of any emotion.


Obeying is vital—not just to love God;

The Pharisees showed how that smothers

When we overlook the real path Jesus trod,

Neglecting His true love for others.


Let’s look beyond faces and find the deep scope,

In faith and in zeal, Christian workers!

Dear souls are now dying; they live without hope!

The call now comes not to be shirkers!


We’re called to a mission and bidden move faster;

There’s no time to fret or be nervous.

The angels are ready—and so is the Master—

To strengthen and guide us in service.


When souls look at us and they see what they see,

And hear every tone of our voice,

Will they soon observe that it’s not just a “me”

Whose presence brings cause to rejoice?


The one to uplift is the One on the cross

Who draws souls from darkness so dim.

So thus we can gladly view pride but a loss

If only we would reflect Him!


The time is now short and the Spirit is ready

To be poured out free from on high.

Great power is promised to sure and to steady—

’Twill swell to a wondrous loud cry!


This glorious chance is extended to sinners

That soon we might gain the great prize.

God washes; He cleanses; He then makes us winners;

He teaches ’til we become wise.


Our goal and our chief aim become just to share;

Salvation should none want to lose!

Our purpose in life is to help those “out there,”

That they might accept the Good News!


Then let us consider our ways this new year

To focus our mind up above—

Thus watching our heart and our words in God’s fear

So others may see He is love!