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News Updates

By Peter D. Lausevic
July 24, 2014
Health ministry for the community


Fifteen energetic workers distributed 20,000 flyers all across the city of Kragujevac, Serbia—along with 450 posters and radio and television spots. Then, despite the fact that we were told that not many come to such outreach programs anymore, on the very first night we were blessed with over 100 visitors to hear Dragan Ivanov give the first presentation on How to Eat Healthy. About half of the people had come because of the flyers and half from the posters. Only one came from the TV and radio ads.


July 9, 2014


On Saturday night, June 7, 2014, a Graduation Ceremony was held for the four month missionary training program conducted by Elim Missionary College in Sydney, New South Wales. Students participating in this year’s program were Ryan Belu (USA), David Dumaguit (Australia), Denise Gutierrez (USA), Melissa Mota (Brazil) and Leonardo Rojas (Spain).

We wish the best for each of the students and trust that they will be a blessing to the church wherever they go as a result of their experience with EMC.


July 7, 2014

Dear Brethren,


July 2, 2014
Precious souls on this Caribbean island are hungry for the present truth.

A worker from the Southeast United States Field, Bro. Vernon Rankine, is helping to establish the Lord's work in Jamaica by studying with a new group of interested souls. He visited there in May and June 2014. 


Northwest United States Field
July 2, 2014
United States
Reaching out with the health message

In Visalia, California on July 1st, new visitors attended a health outreach presentation on juicing, and learned about its many benefits. The video and hands-on demonstration were followed by taste testing. All had a wonderful time!