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News Updates

May 8, 2015
A wonderful youth retreat for communing with the Lord, enjoying great fellowship, and delighting in God's creation!


May 6, 2015
We are all aware of the destructive earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015—one of the most powerful disasters to strike Nepal in 81 years, leaving a trail of massive destruction and an estimated 6,400 deaths and over 20,000 thousand injured.

Dear Brethren Stewards in the Cause of God,


May 5, 2015
Workers spiritually enriched in Portugal

A Workers' Seminar was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from April 6 to 12, 2015, with the presence of workers from the European Region.

Workers present at the seminar in Lisbon, Portugal

May 5, 2015
Giving a boost for some of the Lord's workforce in Europe

A workers' seminar was held in Hungary from March 9 to 13, 2015.

The participating workers came from Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Germany.


GC Music Department
May 5, 2015
United States
Invitation to participate in a special orchestra, choir, or special music item, please read further.


The Spiritual Meetings of the 22nd Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement General Conference Session are scheduled for September 10–13, 2015, in Salem, Virginia, USA. The theme of the meetings is “Christ Is All, and in All.”


As always, everyone gets the chance to sing with the congregation. That is a privilege and joy. If you would like to apply to participate in a special music item, go to and click on “Groups” for more information.