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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Lessons from The Book of Mark

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First Sabbath Offering for literature for Africa

Thanks to the kind generosity of our donors to the First Sabbath Offerings for literature, and by God’s grace, there are now two print shops operating in Africa. In past years, the SDARM General Conference had to incur the high expense of shipping large parcels of Sabbath Bible Lessons and other publications by ocean freight. But beginning with the first two quarters of 2020, our brethren in Africa are blessed to be printing and distributing these truth-filled materials on their own continent. The Northern African Region is printing our literature in Rwanda, and the Southern African Region in Angola.

What a breakthrough this is! With additional support, these printing facilities will soon be able to translate and produce more publications in native African languages.

“Many are ready to investigate the truth, for angels of God have prepared their hearts for its reception. Publications should be issued, written in the plainest, simplest language, explaining the subjects of vital interest, and making known the things that are to come upon the world. The condition of the earth demands that light should shine upon its darkness. Will not the people to whom has been committed sacred responsibilities awake and put away every indifference, every jealousy, every misunderstanding, and take hold of the work with determined energy? Men claiming to be teachers of Bible truth will assail those who embrace the truth, who have no experience in meeting objections, and they will seek to overwhelm them with false statements and wily reasoning. On this account, as well as for other reasons, it is necessary to have publications explaining the doctrines and meeting the arguments of objectors. If those who come into the faith can have a clear statement of the truths assailed, they will be armed with arguments with which to meet opposers, and defend themselves. In defending themselves, they will unconsciously be sowing seeds of truth. . . . God has given great light upon important truths, and it must come to the world.”—The Home Missionary, February 1, 1890.

When the First Sabbath Offering is gathered for literature for Africa, please give generously that precious souls may be fortified in the present truth for these last days!

The General Conference Publishing Department

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