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  SABBATH, JULY 4, 2020

First Sabbath Offering for the Central American Northern Mission project

Central America is a mountainous region with humid coastal lowlands and is home to 7% of the earth’s biodiversity. The area is known for tropical rainforests and commercial plantations that export products such as bananas, melons, sugarcane, rice, coffee, and vegetables.

It was by God´s grace that the work of the SDA Reform Movement entered the northern part of Central America—reaching Guatemala (currently with a population of nearly 17 million) in the 1960s and El Salvador (now with over 6.3 million) in 1970. Both of these countries have Spanish as their main language and the official religion is Roman Catholicism. Belize, with a population of nearly 375,000 (where the main religion is also Catholicism, and most of the people speak English) was reached in 1992.

These three countries were held as General Conference Mission Fields until 1997, when the Central American Union was formed—integrating also Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras. During the Central American Delegation session in October 2015, the decision followed to decentralize the work in the area, giving way to the organization of the Honduran Union and two Mission Fields: The Central American Northern Mission including Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize; and the Central American Southern Mission, including Costa Rica, Panamá and Nicaragua.

In the Central American Northern Mission, we have been very blessed with the donation of a piece of land of 1,016.98 square meters, in which we wish to develop quite an ambitious project—the building of our headquarters and administrative facilities, a missionary school and an assembly hall with the help of our heavenly Father and to His glory.

Therefore, we are appealing to all our dear brethren around the world to support us generously when the First Sabbath Offering is gathered for the Central American Northern Mission, that this building project can come to fruition. We thank all of you for your valuable support, praying that God may bestow His wonderful blessings upon every giver.

Your brethren of the Central American Northern Mission

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