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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Wilderness Wanderings (2)

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  SABBATH, MAY 2, 2020

First Sabbath Offering for a Chapel in Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Mayiladuthurai is a major town in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu in the southernmost part of India. It is the headquarters of the Mayiladuthurai taluk (administrative district). Mayiladuthurai serves as a major junction along the main line connecting the city of Chennai with Tiruchirappalli (also known as Trichy). Mayiladuthurai is situated at a distance of 281 kilometers (175 mi.) from Chennai and 130 kilometres (81 mi.) from Tiruchirappalli, in an area of 11.27 km2 (4.35 sq. mi.). Situated at a distance of only 24 kilometers (15 mi.) from the Bay of Bengal coast, the town is barely 10 meters (33 ft) above mean sea level. The Kaveri River runs through it, bisecting it into Uttara Mayuram and Mayuram proper. Agriculture is the most widely practiced occupation in this tropical region, with about 15% of the total working population being engaged in trade and 25% in other commercial activities.

According to the 2011 census, Mayiladuthurai had a population of about one million. Hinduism is the major religion in Mayiladuthurai and Tamil is the major language spoken. As per the religious census of 2011, Mayiladuthurai had 88.69% Hindus, 6.38% Muslims, 4.19% Christians, 0.04% Sikhs, 0.03% Buddhists, 0.32% Jains and 0.35% following other religions.

The first angel’s message of Revelation 14 has “the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people” (Revelation 14:6). In order to carry forward the Lord’s work to shine as a light to this primarily heathen area, the brethren here have already purchased a small plot of land with our own resources. We are promoting the advancement of this vital message to be carried forward—the gospel together with medical missionary work to act as God’s helping hand in ministering to souls afflicted and in darkness.

In view of the urgent need of financial means to complete this project, we humbly ask in the love of Jesus Christ for help that we may be enabled to build this church house for worship and for healing the sick. We request our brethren and sisters to give generously for this project. May the Lord may bless every one of you for your kind help! We thank you in advance for your donations.

Your brethren and sisters from Mayiladuthuri

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