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Wilderness Wanderings (1)

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First Sabbath Offering for the Amazon (ARAM) Field headquarters, Brazil

Amazonas and Roraima are two states in the north of Brazil that are characterized by an abundance of interesting features. Roraima spans approximately 230,000 km2 and has the smallest population density in the country, with 2.25 inhabitants per km2. Its capital, Boa Vista, is the only Brazilian capital that is completely in the Northern Hemisphere. The economy of the state greatly depends on commercial goods and the service industry. Tourism is growing rapidly in the area, especially to the extraordinary Mount Roraima.

Amazonas is a large state, with 1,600,000 km2. It also boasts a population of nearly 4 million inhabitants, 80% of which live in urban areas. Its capital, Manaus, is the most populated city in northern Brazil, with approximately 1.8 million inhabitants. Running through the state is the Amazon River, which is internationally known as the world’s largest in water volume.

The Gospel reached this region in the 1970s when a group of colporteurs arrived in Manaus. The work begun in that area developed into the Roraima and Amazon as Field (ARAM), which has 200 members. Most of these brethren depend on family farming, with little financial resources. Their easiest means of transport are canoes, boats, or ships—a risky, time—consuming, and expensive method. A trip to the middle of the country must be done by air. All this contributes to a feeling of isolation.

The ARAM Field was created recently, and the headquarters were established in the Manaus Church—a temple built over four decades ago. Because of this, the building is in need of urgent renovations. New bathrooms, rooms for children and young people’s classes, a kitchen, a dining hall, and a new pastor’s house are essential additions needed. Offices have had to be adapted within the current infrastructure.

This undertaking is an immediate need and our resources are small, so we appeal to our brethren with this request. If, today, you are generous and donate liberally, the Lord will reward you abundantly.

Your Brethren of the ARAM Field in the North Brazilian Union

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