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Living in the Day of Atonement

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  Sabbath, December 7, 2019

First Sabbath Offering for Literature for Mission Fields

There is no question that literature is a vital tool in spreading the present truth to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples. A message in writing tends to carry greater impact and be more precise and easily understood than mere speech.

Yet many precious souls for whom Christ died are unable to receive the benefit of such literature—especially if they are in a restricted nation or are cumbered with extreme poverty. A truth-filled piece of literature is beyond their reach unless diligent efforts are made to provide for this need to the many who are hungering and thirsting for it.

First Sabbath Offerings for literature for poor countries and/or Mission Fields have been gathered before—and we truly thank the donors who have given to this worthy cause in the past. Your gifts have enabled thousands to get a chance to read the truth for themselves.

Today’s world is a vast place with an ever-growing population, so the need is greater than ever before. The proceeds for today’s offering for literature will involve a greater emphasis on translating and printing literature in new languages for people who have never received it before.

“To give all nations the message of warning—this is to be the object of our efforts. . . . Upon all who have received the word of God there rests the burden of doing this work. From city to city, and from country to country, they are to carry the publications containing the promise of the Saviour’s soon coming. These publications are to be translated into every language; for to all the world the gospel is to be preached.”—The Review and Herald, February 9, 1905.

With this in mind, it is our prayer that God may touch the hearts of all of us to give generously for this important need!

The General Conference Publishing Department

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