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Present Truth Online Course - Topics

Lesson 1: God’s Letter to You – All about God’s Word, the Bible.

Lesson 2: The Folly of Rebellion – How sin originated.

Lesson 3: Creation – Our Heritage – The creation of earth, how and by whom.

Lesson 4: The Downfall of Man – What happened when man disobeyed God.

Lesson 5: A Plan to Restore

Lesson 6: The Sure Word of Prophecy

Lesson 7: Foundation Prophecy of World Events

Lesson 8: Good News from Heaven – The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lesson 9: Heaven’s Communication System – Prayer

Lesson 10: Celestial Visitors – All about angels.

Lesson 11: Jesus Christ’s Dual Natures

Lesson 12: The Perfect Law of Liberty

Lesson 13: The Sign of the Living God

Lesson 14: The Sanctuary

Lesson 15: The Living Temple – Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 16: Another Opportunity – The New Birth

Lesson 17: A Happy Family

Lesson 18: What Happens After Death?

Lesson 19: Spiritualism

Lesson 20: Thrust of a Final Work – The Three Angels’ messages.

Lesson 21: God’s Embassy on Earth

Lesson 22: Spiritual Gifts – The gift of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 23: Heaven’s Naturalization Ceremony – Baptism.

Lesson 24: Memorials of Salvation – The Lord’s Supper.

Lesson 25: The End of the World – Holocaust or Harmony

Lesson 26: Heaven’s High Court – The Judgement.

Lesson 27: When Will the Dead Rise – Resurrection.

Lesson 28: Jesus is Coming Again

Lesson 29: God’s Strange Act – the punishment of the Wicked

Lesson 30: Heaven on Earth – The Earth made new.