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Annual Fall Conference - Moriah Heights, California

Nicole Fountain
November 16, 2022
United States
In September, the Northern California Conference held their annual Fall Spiritual Conference under the theme “From Jacob to Israel.”

On September 23-25th, the Northern California Conference held their annual Fall Spiritual Conference. The messages were centered around the theme “From Jacob to Israel.”


During the Friday evening study, Brother Julian Utupanu shared the story of Jacob tricking Isaac to receive the birthright, and the dangers of “Stealing God’s Blessings.” The message was followed by musical praise from the Cousin’s Trio and Carmichael Men’s Choir.


Our Sabbath morning started with Sabbath School, where the congregation split up into six classes in English, plus additional classes in Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. We even had a Zoom class available to those joining the conference virtually!


Divine Service began with special music from the NCC Orchestra, followed by the dedication of baby Noah Baiense. Brother Liviu Tudoroiu recounted the dream of Jacob’s Ladder in his study: “Pathway to Heaven.” To close out the Divine Service, Chloe Tumang played the harp, followed by the NCC Choir’s rendition of “Amazing Grace.”


After a delicious fellowship lunch, attendees had the choice to attend the children’s activity (building models of Jacob’s Ladder) or to participate in the Bible Knowledge Activity, hosted by Plymouth Leadership College. These interactive activities were a great way to spend the afternoon before the final service of the day.


The afternoon service was led by Brother Jordan Chapman, who completed the story of Jacob’s transition to Israel with his study focused on “The Fugitive’s Return.” The afternoon was filled with musical items, including presentations by Moriah Brass, the NCC Junior Orchestra, Renovassom, and the Carmichael Church Choir.


After a light dinner, Sister Bethany Martinez led the close of Sabbath.


Day three of the conference was reserved for activities for the youth and young adults. Led by Michele Barbosa and the NCC youth department, the youth went through a series of team building activities and games that made up the “NCC Olympics!” The mental, physical, and spiritual capacities of the youth were tested as they were quizzed on the content of the conference, and asked to complete various challenges.


The very last part of the conference was a worker’s meeting held for the Bible Workers, Administrators, and ordained Elders/Ministers/Deacons of the NCC. It was a blessing to meet and discuss ways that God’s word can be most effectively spread in Northern California and how to meet the needs of the members of our congregation.


On behalf of the NCC, we invite you to come for the next conference, scheduled for April 7-9th, 2023 in Moriah Heights, California! Join us as we study the “Revelation of Hope!”


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