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Humanitarian Mission - Amazon, Colombia

Diego Moreno
September 27, 2022
One-hundred volunteers from Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, worked tirelessly to take love, hope, and the Gospel to the Colombian Amazon.

Leticia, Amazon, Colombia—Spreading love, hope, a smile, and relief to those in need was the objective of the 120 volunteers that participated in this humanitarian mission trip to the Amazon. The volunteers arrived at the Colombian Amazon from Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, and Peru.


During the mission, medical professionals, a body of supporting staff, and the event organizers offered the following services: natural medicine (518 people attended), general medicine (278), nutrition (110), facials (294), haircuts (282), pastoral counseling (866), psychology (55), dentistry (258), chiropractic massage (151), clothing donations (155). 


To this we add the medicine delivered, literature given (Bibles, books, and pamphlets were distributed throughout the event), and activities for the children.


A total of 1,313 people were attended as a result. It was hard work, but a beautiful experience to work together with professionals and volunteers who traveled to the middle of the jungle to work for Jesus and on behalf of their fellow man.


The mission trip was a collaboration among several institutions: 

The SDARM GC Welfare Department

The SDARM Colombia Welfare Department
UNICOL Welfare Department 
DVIDA Welfare Department
O Bom Samaritano - Brazil
The North Brazilian Union Welfare Department

The ARAM Welfare Department
The North Brazilian Union Health Department
The Colombian Union Health Department
ASONORTE Welfare Department
Health professionals from ​​Peru and Uruguay.


We thank God and each individual that made this mission possible. We give glory to Him and pray for the more than 800 people who accepted missionary visits to their homes. Let us pray for the work that was begun in Leticia, that it may bear fruits in years to come.