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Missionary Volunteers and Colporteur Evangelists

Mario Linares
June 23, 2021
Two new missionary programs, the Volunteer Missionaries and the Evangelist Colporteurs, have seen great success in the South Brazilian Union.

Despite the pandemic-related difficulties that continue influencing 2021, several young people undertook a great commitment with God and dedicated a year of their lives to the work of the Lord.


Young people from Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, and Brazil are participating in two special programs in the South Brazilian Union: the Volunteer Missionaries and the Evangelist Colporteurs. The participants were stationed in various regions of Brazilian states, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Matogrosso do Sul. Supported by the Union, Field, and the local church, they receive room and board while they dedicate their time to the canvassing work, visiting members and interested souls, hosting Bible studies, and engaging in other activities in the local church.


By the grace of God, these programs have been a blessing for the churches that received these missionaries, and it has also been a transformative experience for the young people.


Please pray for these missionary projects and for the development of these activities in other regions.


"The canvassing work, properly conducted, is missionary work of the highest order, and it is as good and successful a method as can be employed for placing before the people the important truths for this time." CEv 5.1