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Ten Precious Souls in the Philippines Accept Holy Baptism

Romelo Novenario
March 24, 2021
Earlier this month, ten precious souls consecrated their lives to God through Holy Baptism.

PhilippinesOn March 13, 2021, nine precious souls consecrated their lives to God through Holy Baptism in Mabinay and one in Masbate.


In Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Sister Daisy, Sister Hanelyn, Sister Jinky, Sister Julia, Sister Nenita, Brother Manuel, Sister Reyna, Sister Melba, and Sister Marjelly, were baptized after manifesting their connection with Christ. The Mabinay Church joyfully recommended them for baptism and welcomed them.


Meanwhile, in Cataingan, Masbate, Sister Jenny Rose devoted her life to God through baptism as well.


Through conviction by the Holy Spirit, these precious souls dedicated their lives to God after a series of studies conducted by the lay brethren and Bible Workers in the regions.


The review of the Fundamental Beliefs, the Profession of Faith, and the baptism ceremonies were performed by Brother Carlos Estrera, Sr. in Mabinay, and Brother Joselito Anobling in Masbate.


Together with God and the Holy angels, we were glad to witness this important event in the lives of our brethren.


We ask you to please pray for our new brethren. May the Holy Spirit guide them and help them overcome every temptation, so that they may continue to stand as true Reformers.


We welcome you, brethren, to the Family of God!