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South Brazilian Union Colporteur Convention

May 14, 2014

     The South Brazilian Union held a Colporteur Convention in February 2014. Many attended this event—both experienced colporteurs and those interested to learn more about this important branch of evangelism. All were encouraged to go forward in faith. Just think of the blessing that can come from such events held around the world!

     The servant of the Lord writes: "Many are sad and discouraged, weak in faith and trust. Let them do something to help some one more needy than themselves, and they will grow strong in God's strength. Let them engage in the good work of selling our books. Thus they will help others, and the experience gained will give them the assurance that they are God's helping hand. As they plead with the Lord to help them, He will guide them to those who are seeking for the light. Christ will be close beside them, teaching them what to say and do. By comforting others, they themselves will be comforted."—The Colporteur Evangelist, p. 40. [Emphasis supplied.]

     What precious promises!