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December 2021: Church Building in Szentes, Hungary

First Sabbath Offering
Goal Amount: 
January 12, 2022

Hungary is one of the 50 countries in the multicultural continent of Europe. In the history of the Reform Movement, Hungary played a significant role. As the situation developed in Europe by 1915, the Reform Movement started expanding from this country. The fourth General Conference Session was also held here in 1934. During World War II, our brethren suffered tremendously and some even laid down their life for their faith.


Our membership has grown, and thanks to many of our ancestors’ efforts we have five church buildings in this country. In past years, we were able to renovate a church through one of the First Sabbath Offerings and we are grateful to our brethren all around the world for their generosity.


One of our biggest problems here in Hungary is that two generations are missing from our ranks—and because of this, the burden to care for and renovate the church buildings is excessive and beyond our capabilities. By the grace of God, we would like to avoid passing on these burdens to the next generation and instead we would like to help them focus and invest all their means and capabilities toward the missionary work in this country.


One of the church buildings most in need of renovation is in Szentes, where we have 15 members and many young people of all ages who zealously take part in all the missionary activities. This building was built with old technology and it is small. There is a need not only to renovate the building but also to modernize and expand it, or perhaps buy or build a new one. What we will be able to accomplish will depend on your generosity.


“Look at the stream flowing from the mountainside, refreshing the thirsty land through which it passes. What blessing it brings! One would think that in giving so liberally it would exhaust its resources. But not so. It is a part of God’s great plan that the stream that gives shall never lack; and day by day and year by year it flows on its way, ever receiving and ever giving.”—My Life Today, p. 223.


We pray for God’s blessing upon you and trust that your offering may return to you by God tenfold.


Your brethren and sisters from the Hungarian Mission Field