News Updates

Northwest United States Field
July 2, 2014
United States
Reaching out with the health message

In Visalia, California on July 1st, new visitors attended a health outreach presentation on juicing, and learned about its many benefits. The video and hands-on demonstration were followed by taste testing. All had a wonderful time!

Australasian Good Tidings
June 10, 2014
To your health! Tasty treats taught in Schofields, New South Wales


“The Vegetarian Way” health outreach is a program run by the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement.

During the first three Monday evenings of May 2014, the Schofields Church ran this program catering to the local community.  The series of health lectures and cooking demonstrations were geared to educate and encourage the community to pursue a healthier lifestyle and also to bring an awareness that true happiness only comes from our wonderful, loving God.


Barbara Montrose
June 4, 2014
United States
A refreshing retreat


On May 23–26, 2014, the states of Tennessee and Kentucky (within the Southeast United States Field) held a local camp meeting at a beautifully wooded state park. The theme was "Preparing for the Final Crisis," with timely, practical topics on health, consecration, and missionary work. The meetings were deeply spiritual. Young people had been assigned to care for many of the behind-the-scenes responsibilities and were very well organized and efficient.


June 3, 2014
Renovated treatment room in Santiago

May 22, 2014

An energetic team of coaches hosted a successful program to help people quit smoking in Santarém in the northern state of Pará, Brazil, from March 21–30, 2014.

Such programs have been held by several churches around Brazil to help people quit smoking—and at the same time, this opens doors for them to receive the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!