Youth Messenger Online Edition




Don’t always be wishing for what you can’t get;

For vain are those wishes that cannot be met.


Don’t always be moping because you feel blue;

’Twill make you unhappy, and other folks, too.


Don’t always be fretting if something goes wrong

And not to your liking—it won’t be for long;


For though the sky cloudy today may appear,

Tomorrow it may be all sunny and clear.


Don’t always be grumbling because you have not

All that you would like—be content with your lot.


Don’t envy a person because he has wealth;

You may not have riches—be thankful for health.


Don’t mock any person because he is poor;

His heart may be truer than one who has more,


And he be more willing to succor his friends

Than those on whom wealth or good fortune attends.


Don’t miss any chances to do a good deed,

The naked to clothe and the hungry to feed;


For you’ll never be the sad loser thereby,

You may be rewarded—who knows?—by and by.


—Author Unknown