North Kivu Relief - Update

Andre Devai
February 28, 2018
CONGO, Democratic Republic of
War in North Kivu is affecting our brethren. Welfare Department funds are being used to send aid to them. Here is what your offerings are doing.


NORTH KIVU, the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO—Conflict in North Kivu continues and our brethren in the North Kivu Mission are being affected. Some of our people have died amidst the turmoil, and others have gathered at the church property and transformed it into a refugee camp. Our brethren are in need of food, clothes, and other materials. 


Welfare Department funds are being used to send relief and your contributions matter! Below are photos of the materials being delivered. Along with the general assistance for all at the camp, each family received an envelope with $50. 


Our brethren need your assistance and your prayers. Should the rebels discover they have food, they will come and take it. Other refugees also pose a threat to come and take their materials by force. 


If you would like to help our brethren in North Kivu, you can do so by donating through PAYPAL here.


May God be with His people.